Backup to the Future

DSI’s virtual tape libraries (VTL) offer next-generation levels of speed, security and access for iSeries (IBMi), MCP, OS2200 and distributed system platforms.

Take Control of your Data Storage

DSI’s custom solutions deliver ease, efficiency and lasting peace of mind – the kind of confidence that comes with having real control over your data

Trust the Industry Leader

For nearly 45 years, DSI has quietly set the standard for data storage and security. Our world-class engineers will build the solution that’s right for you.

Data Security & Storage



Maximize efficiency and meet the stringent demands of today’s data center with DSI’s virtual tape libraries (VTL) for IBMi.

Unisys (MCP/OS 2200)

Unisys (MCP/OS 2200)

Discover higher-standards of control, automation and reliability with DSI’s storage and security solutions for Unisys.

Distributed Systems

Distributed Systems

Achieve optimal performance and seamless integration with DSI’s proven, rock-solid architecture for distributed systems.

The Difference is in the Details


More than 2,000 customers and counting have trusted DSI to navigate the trends and true innovations of an increasingly complex IT landscape.


As data storage requirements become more demanding, customization is the key. We’ll design a solution that’s right for you.


From superior hardware and software to exceptional service and support, we do things the way they should be done.


For more than 45 years, we have made a daily commitment to earning our clients’ trust by providing honest advice and dependability.


DSI’s genuine dedication to thoroughly understanding our customers’ needs has driven decades of consistent innovation.


Performance is nothing without reliability. Two of the world’s largest core banking application providers trust DSI to deliver both.

What's Happening

DSI Executive Promotions

 “These three promotions are an indication of where our company is headed and how quickly we are taking steps to expand our service offering and our presence within the IBM iSeries market in...

Upgrading Your Physical Tape Storage Solution To A Virtual Tape Solution

Part I  - Compliance

In June, The Data Center Journal published an article written by DSI’s Leo Savaggio discussing virtual tape storage becoming increasingly more mainstream. Now more than...

Amanda Ladas VP of Marketing

Amanda Ladas was promoted to vice president of marketing at DSI last month. Ms. Ladas joined the DSI team three years ago and has quickly advanced to a VP position. Ladas graduated from DePaul...

Leonard Salvaggio, EVP of DSI talks to IT Jungle about encryption.

Although it started out as a technology aimed at the financial industry, data encryption has become the standard among all industries. Think about it: health records, social media accounts, and...

Wired Magazine: From Paper to the Cloud. The New Frontier of Data Storage

Leo Salvaggio of DSI talks to how Big Data is changing the storage industry and where he sees it heading.

Virtual Tape Data Storage Becoming More Mainstream

Leo Salvaggio discusses VTL being mainstream with The Data Center Journal

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