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DSI Introduces the New VTL 3.5 Product Line.

Virtual Tapes

Increase Backup Speed, Reliability and Security

The information explosion coupled with the shrinking backup window, the ever-increasing need to tighten security, and new government regulations have had a serious impact on today's datacenter. The DSI9000 Virtual Tape Appliance solves these challenges by providing fast, reliable data backup and recovery.

Tape System LTO5

Powerful Combination for Unmatched Performance

Tape systems provide a cost-effective way for all businesses to insure data protection and mobility for business continuance and disaster recovery. DSI offers a number of choices to fit any application and budget, from department server level 4mm DAT, to mid-range SDLT and high performance LTO.

DSI Software

Simple, Scalable and Centralized Software

Backup software is a critical tool providing the link between backup hardware and corporate data, allowing administrators to decide when and where to backup selected files, folders, drives, servers or even entire data centers. Backup software can also support virtual tape libraries and automation.

Case Studies

"They have the best technical guys I've ever come across. When they explained how a virtual tape library (VTL) could help our situation, I believed them. Since they installed the VTL system, it's worked flawlessly..."



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