Symcentral User Group Conference 3/5-7, 2018

Symcentral User Group Conference 3/5-3/7, 2018

Symcentral 2018 Annual User Group Conference

The SYMCENTRAL User Group is an independent group of professionals working for credit unions. SymCentral members share the use of Symitar® software (primarily Episys®) and related products as their common bond. SymCentral operates independently for the express purpose of providing resources and collaboration opportunities (i.e. conferences, websites, the SMUG email list service, and other electronic platforms) for mutual support, shared knowledge, and common grievance, without specific alliances to Jack Henry & Associates®, Symitar® or other entities. Be sure to swing by the DSI vendor booth for product demonstrations of our exclusive Tracker and Conductor programs that help you manage backup schedules and track tape media.

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