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The DSI520 is designed to help you keep pace with your rapidly expanding business by utilizing state-of- the-art deduplication for your backup systems. There is no disruption as your capacity or performance needs change…simply add a license to your existing solution. Designed with growth in mind, the entire DSI520 series can increase its storage capacity via 1TB repository licensing increments. There is no need to purchase more backup capacity than you need. Ever.

  • Supports back end physical tape (through Fibre Channel only)
  • Deduplication (requires DSI520-EVD)
  • Up to 128 Virtual Libraries
  • Up to 1,024 Virtual Tape Units
  • Up to 64,000 Virtual Tape Cartridges
  • Open systems ISV attachment
  • Supports replication (with encryption and compression)
  • Tape consolidation (stacking) - Multiple tape 'cartridges' stacked onto a single 'cartridge'
  • SecureTape encryption
  • High availablility
  • DSI TapeManager / LibraryManager
  • VTL Agent support
  • 10 Gb network interface
Storage 8 x 4TB SED drives
12TB user storage
4-120TB logical storage*
Raid Level 6 + 1
Processor Type 2 x Xeon 4114
Memory 64GB
Interfaces 4 x 16GB FC Ports (+2 option)
Power Supply 2 x 1100W (N+1) Hot Swap
Power Requirements 100-240 V AC (12 A-6.5 A)
Physical Dimensions
482.0 mm (18.98") x 714.64
mm (28.13") x 86.8
mm (3.42")
Form Factor 2U
Weight 28.6 kg (63.05 lb.)
Heat Output/Cooling Requirements 4,100 BTUs/hr
Operating Temperature 10°C to 35°C (50°F to 95°F)
Cooling Requirements 4100 BTU/hr.
Operating Humidity 10% to 80% relative humidity
Max Virtual Libraries 128
Max Virtual Tape Units 1,024
Max Virtual Tape Cartridges 64,000
Processor Type 2x Intel Xeon E5-2620 v3

For more information or if you have questions about our Unisys Clearpath products and backup solutions, we're available to help.

“The system fit into our existing environment with no issues and right
away we noticed the difference. Instead of loading and unloading
physical tapes manually, now we just point and click and are able to start
our backup processes.”

Erin Hernandez, Systems Support Analyst


The rapid growth of business data calls for faster, more reliable backup and recovery. With 16TB to 48TB of total storage capacity, disk-level encryption and a list of customizable options, the DSI400-MEM will upgrade your data center’s performance while simplifying operations and reducing costs. Pair with the DSI400-SEM storage array for maximum efficiency.

  • Easily paired with physical tape
  • Ability to customize for unique environments
  • Built to grow with your expanding needs over time
  • 16TB usable storage
  • Standard encryption-at-rest
  • Expandable storage capacity
  • 4-8Gb Fibre Channel ports
  • 128 virtual libraries
  • Additional 2-8Gb FC ports
  • Secure Tape Encryption
  • Physical Tape Backup
  • Tape Stacking/Consolidation
  • Ability to add up to 32TB usable storage (48TB Total Storage Capacity)
  • Media Migration Service- transition data from obsolete technology to VTL seamlessly
End user capacity 16TB
Mid Range VTL Appliance
# virtual libraries 128
# virtual tape drives 1,024
# virtual tape cartridges supported 64,000
Backend physical tape SAS, FC
Replication (w/ encryption / compression) OPTION
SecureTape encryption OPTION
Tape consolidation (stacking) OPTION
High Availability NO
Data De-duplication NO
Open systems ISV attachment YES
OS 2200 host attachment OPTION
MCP tape management OPTION
MCP robotic attachment OPTION
Processors 2 x six core
Number of GBe Ports 4 - 16 GB
Number of FC Ports --16Gb (2+ optional)
Number of SAS Input Ports 0
Number of SAS Output Ports 0 + 2 (Note 1)
Internal storage capacity (usable) 36 TB raw (16TB)
# drives 8 x 4TB
Raid Level 6 + 1
Secure Encrypted Disk YES
Dimensions (H x W x D): 3.40” x 17.44” x 26.80”
Weight: 71.5 lbs
Temperature / Humidity considerations: 10 - 35 oC / 10 - 80%
Heat output / cooling requirements: 4,100 BTU’s/hr
Power supply rating (self switching) 100 - 240v, 50/60hz
Power / breaker requirements - US / C 1,100w/110v/12a
Power / breaker requirements - Int'l 1,100w/240v/6.5a
Form Factor 2U
Note 1 - Optional SAS Interface Note 2 - Expandable to 6 total FC ports Note 3 - Redundant Controller Module

For more information or if you have questions about our Unisys Clearpath products and backup solutions, we're available to help.

"The support DSI has provided is just outstanding ... anytime a question comes up, people at DSI actually scramble to answer it first. I don't think I've had an experience like that with any other vendor."

Frank Cost, Liberty Bank Systems Administrator

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