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WannaCry Ransomwear – Time to Tighten-Up

Were North Korean hackers to blame for the recent WannaCry ransomware attack? Was it possibly a government insider, or maybe both? Right now, we don’t truly know. But what we do know is that this attack has hit worldwide and everybody is scrambling to ensure network protection.

This attack comes in the form of a virus that locks computers down until a $300 ransom is paid...

Creating a Data Roadmap

Data is both the key to success and a constant thorn in the side of most organizations. It provides a wealth of information, and carries a huge burden to manage effectively. If your organization has a clearly defined data roadmap, we congratulate you. If you have thought about creating a data roadmap and then find ten other things that you would rather do, you’re not alone, and we...

We Are Nimble

If someone asked us to summarize the role of a data storage provider in today’s environment, we would say nimble. This term is thrown around a lot to appeal to the flexible nature that most businesses strive to be. We think the dictionary definition— “quick to understand, think and devise,” sums us up pretty nicely.

DSI did not jump onto the scene with the...

Leonard Salvaggio has been promoted to president

Leonard Salvaggio has been promoted to president. In this role, Salvaggio will formulate and implement strategic plans to guide the direction of Dynamic Solutions International, as well as lead the executive team to deliver innovative data storage technology.

During his tenure at Dynamic Solutions International, Salvaggio has played a critical role in defining and...

Mergers: They Aren't Fun For Anyone

When companies consolidate, there is always the question of how to combine the back-end systems. In a typical merger, the larger company dictates the hardware and software that make up the back-end processes. However, what are the options that need to be considered?

Convert to one system totally? Devise a combination of both back-end systems? Or use the opportunity to...

Disaster Recovery for the Mid-Sized Operation

Every organization will likely encounter a data disaster of some magnitude. The defining moment is how well prepared your organization is to handle a disaster recovery. Because of cost barriers and legacy technology, developing a disaster recovery plan can be a struggle for mid-sized businesses. Here are some basic, low-effort strategies for preventing and handling data loss.


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