Virtual  Tape

Entry Level

Entry Level

The DSI350-VEM is a part of our entry level virtual tape library (VTL) series. Today it is important to back up your data in the most cost effective way possible. This virtual tape library offers ways to increase the speed of data backup and recovery as well as reduces the need for physical tape. Also, encryption allows for the highest level of security.

Mid Range

Mid Range

The rapid growth of business data continues to impact backup and recovery operations. The DSI350-MEM is our mid-range appliance with encryption at the disk level for added security. Paired with our DSI350-SEM storage array, this mid-range appliance maximizes efficiency. With storage ranging from 16TB to 48TB, the DSI350-MEM is ideal for all mid-size data needs.



The DSI350-EV0 is our enterprise virtual tape solution. This virtual tape library (VTL) is for our customers who have the most robust storage needs. Because DSI understands the complex nature of the enterprise storage market, the DSI350-EV0 is sold on an a la carte program so that each customer needs are met perfectly.

Storage Arrays

Storage Arrays

The rapid growth of business data continues to impact backup and recovery operations. The DSI5100-SEM is the SAS connected expansion module with encrypted disk. This pairs with the DSI350-EV0 and the DSI5100-FEM storage array. The DSI5100-SEM is ideal for the enterprise customer looking for adding security through encryption at rest technology.

Upgrade Your Old Tape System, and Go "VIRTUAL"

Cost-effective solutions that increase backup speed, reliability and security

Introducing the DSI9000 Version 2 Series of Virtual Tape Appliances...Finally, an affordable way to keep your data secure without the hassle and maintenance costs of large, obsolete tape backup systems.

The information explosion coupled with the shrinking backup window, the ever-increasing need to tighten security, and new government regulations have had a serious impact on today's datacenter. The DSI9000 Virtual Tape Appliance solves these challenges by providing fast, reliable data backup and recovery.

The DSI9000 cuts administrative time and costs by as much as 75 percent. The DSI9000 is replacing traditional tape systems in the datacenter as the new standard for data backup.

  • High-performance backups
  • Seamless integration with existing backup processes
  • Remote replication capability
  • Scalable capacity for backups and archiving
  • Easy-to-use tools for busy system administrators
  • Encryption options

Case Studies

"They have the best technical guys I've ever come across. When they explained how a virtual tape library (VTL) could help our situation, I believed them. Since they installed the VTL system, it's worked flawlessly..."


June 25, 2014 - Leo Salvaggio discusses VTL being mainstream with The Data Center Journal.


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